Monday, December 10, 2007

Thing 20: YouTube

Well, I'm skipping ahead to Thing #20 because I shot a little video yesterday and posted it! I've been using YouTube for more than a year. I only have a couple of brief videos on it, but it is fun. I also have some videos on Photobucket and Picasa, but YouTube is really the best.

Yesterday, my puppy Barkley spotted a plastic "snake" in the garden. I really don't recall why my ex put the snake out there...perhaps to scare some critter away from the garden...but Barkley just discovered it yesterday and he was so funny to watch!! Actually he was a lot funnier a few minutes before this video, but by the time I went in and got my camera and came back out, he was less animated. Bottom line: I have a puppy, and I need to simply carry the camera everywhere I go!

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