Monday, December 10, 2007

How to add the Rollyo search box to your blog

How to add the Rollyo search box to your blog:
1. Log into Rollyo
2. Click on “Dashboard”
3. Scroll down until you see a grey box with the title “Searchbox”, it is on the right near the bottom
4. Click on the red word “Searchbox”
5. Ignore the first blank boxes for now
6. Scroll down to where you see three windows. On the left, you should see the search you created as the first one. Click on it to hightlight it.
7. Click on the box that looks like this to add it to the middle window
8. Choose a radio button for style from under the middle window; you will see the preview of it under the right hand window so experiment
9. Red is the nicest so that is what I chose. Copy the text from the box on the right.
10. Start a new blog entry in your Blogspot blog and paste the text then publish. Here is mine.

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