Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thing 11: Tag your own blog

I love seeing Geeks On Tour for the example of a tagged blog in this exercise. Chris and Jim are long time friends of mine, living the American dream. They sold their Fort Lauderdale computer education company, Computer Savvy, a few years ago...bought a used motorhome on eBay...and took off on the open road with their beloved poodle, Odie. They sell internet satellite dishes and give training on a variety of computer topics as they travel from place to place. If you want to know more about their fun life, visit their blog.

Now it is time for me to blog about my favorite new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy! I've wanted a CKCS for years and years and years. Last fall, I decided to start seeking one in earnest. However, despite contacting rescue societies all over the country, it seems that I could not rescue one. Their excuses ranged from "you work full time" to "you live too far away and we don't ship" (never mind that I would fly up for a dog!) to "this dog hates cats" (I have five cats".

Finally, I found a matched pair just up the coast in Fort Pierce, a boy and a girl 6 and 7 years old. They had to be adopted together. I filled out their application and was interviewed over the phone. The interviewer was very positive and enthusiastic about my suitability as a home for the two.

Then, the wait. I waited and waited and didn't hear. I sent an e-mail that was ignored. Finally, I saw on the rescue's website that the two were adopted by someone else. Then I received a curt message that they found a home where the people didn't work.

Exasperated, I gave up the search for a rescue Cavalier. If I couldn't even adopt two older animals that had to be adopted together, that were a short drive away, it seemed futile to continue. I started searching reputable breeders in the state of Florida. It turns out that Keith Robbins of BlueTide Cavaliers is right here in Broward County, and he is respected nationally for breeding and showing beautiful dogs.

I called him and we had a delightful conversation...indeed, he had two puppies available from two litters and he understands that most people work full time. I made an appointment to visit the baby dogs.

To cut to the chase, a few weeks later, precious Barkley, AKC name BlueTide Captain Morgan, came to live with me. I thought I was buying a dog...but I got a lifestyle! I could blog for hours about how wonderful life is with my beautiful baby boy, but, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, here you go, Barkley at Happy Tails Dog Park in Plantation on October 31 at 16 weeks of age. Note that I have added many tags to my blog!


Esp Journal said...

Debby, your new puppy is beautiful!! Enjoy him for many years to come.

HP said...

I think you selected many good tags for this blog entry.