Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thing 7: Blog about Technology

I'm using this post to go public with the fact that I've learned that Flickr really is useful for many things. While it doesn't make the pretty online photo albums that I most enjoy, it does have other applications. I am so happy that we had the previous lesson because I learned that you can indeed link to a Flickr photo, and in a variety of sizes. I always thought that Flickr looks messy...heck, I still think that...and I was too distracted by that to find out its many uses.

Still, while it is tons of fun to explore the bazillions of pictures in Flickr, I don't presently have a professional use for it.

I've been reading the other participants' blogs all along and some of you will find that I've made comments! I am enjoying getting to know all of you.

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