Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thing 6: Flickr Fun

In my previous post, I admitted that I much prefer Picasa to Flickr for my personal photo albums and for sharing them with others...and for keeping up with friends' photo albums. Pretty much everyone I've shared Picasa with has become a convert!

However, when it comes to fun time, Flickr wins hands down. Flickr can become a huge time sucker as you discover all types of silly and creative things to find or to create. I doubt that I'll really use it on the job, but it can be fun for creating humorous images for friends...for example, FD's Flickr Toys has lots of fun projects. It would not surprise my friends to learn that the first one I tried was the lolcat generator.

This is Digby. He is my ancient Cornish Rex cat, and he is living on some borrowed lives because his nine ran out years ago. He is a pure black and pure white cattie, so I made him the mascot for our library's digital laboratory for digitizing our special collections: Digilab. YAY, I figured out how to link my Flickr photos to this blog without saving them to Photobucket!

Unfortunately, the mappr site has been down for a couple of days. I played with this when I attended Computers in Libraries this spring. The Color Pickr is fun but it didn't hold my attention for long. Montager wasn't doing anything past just finding one image using my tag "lolcats"...if I was looking for other "lolcats" it would be easier to just search Flickr. I posted my Librarian Trading Card yesterday. I read the Quick Online Tips article and learned of many useful tools...if I were to use Flickr for my online albums. Alas, I am still a Picasa addict and won't be using them...but I might visit FD's site again to create more lolcats, LOL!

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