Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Blog Day!

Blog Day 2007On Blog Day, we are asked to link to five of our favorite blogs and notify the bloggers that we have done so. In addition, we are to add the Blog Day tag and a link to the Blog Day website.

My day doesn't start off right without a visit to some of my favorite blogs. Life is serious enough, so I enjoy a little silliness with my morning coffee. Enjoy!

Cute Overload
Some of the silliest animal photos on the internet; has its own language to describe the incredible cutnesses including terms such as 'tocks (cute animal butts), muzzlepowsche (adorable animal muzzle with chubby cheeks), and redonk (ridiculously cute).

Stuff On My Cat
Just what it sounds like...reader submissions of cats in ridiculous poses with various household objects. Be sure to visit sister site Stuff On My Mutt.

A comic strip about a library. My non-librarian friends enjoy this strip as well, but it's more hilarious to us librarians because they make fun of the stuff we see every day!

New Urban Legends
What's new at's Urban Legend Reference Pages. People learn really quickly to not forward ridiculous e-mails to me...because I am evil and I click "reply all" with a link to the appropriate Snopes page. MUA HA HA HA HA

I Can Has Cheezburger
Daily submissions of the latest lolcats.

The Daily Kitten
OK, this makes six, but I can't resist seeing an adorable kitten every day.

Now I'm off to notify the bloggers that I've linked to them.

Have a most glorious three-day weekend...I know I will!

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